About us

Hangzhou YIGUOREN Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech bio-pharmaceutical enterprise, located in Hangzhou Weilai Technology Zone, domestic top level high-tech industrial park.


Our company is a comprehensive enterprise specialized in research, production, sale and service, including, medical apparatus and instruments development, biological medicine intermediate technology development. And we carry out cooperation with domestic top level universities, research unit and medical organizations.


Our company is equipped with whole C level design and manufacturing workshop and top grade research laboratory. And strict production quality management system has been established. We have 6864 medical hygienic material and dressing production permit, 6866 medical use biomedical polymer material and instrument production permit and 6840 in vitro diagnostic reagent production permit.


Our research direction is II and III category sterile medical device. We have developed high-purity blood active proteins extraction, separation and purification. In future, our company will be engaged in development of biological materials.